New items available!

Hello Friends!
I'm so happy to announce new items available in my shop! I hope that you enjoy the new editions and keep your eyes peeled for many more to come! 




I've been experimenting with T-shirts for some time now and have finally dialed it in! More shirts will be available soon, but until then....check out this beauty! A perfect gift..... 








Coloring Pages:
As many of you know I have been LOVING my coloring time. Last winter I hosted several incredible Coloring and Wine parties at my favorite little winery in Grants Pass, Oregon (The Crow and Bear). Now you can pop over to my shop and purchase Instant Downloadable Coloring Pages! These downloadable coloring pages are really great. Once you purchase a page you can print as many as you like in case you want to host your own coloring party or if you mess up :) 

A few examples of the Instant Downloadable Coloring Pages now available.

A few examples of the Instant Downloadable Coloring Pages now available.





Featured Artist for Color On Magazine's August Issue!

Hello Friends! 

I am thrilled to announce that the August issue of Color On Magazine has been released! I am one of two featured artist with several of my coloring pages and an artist interview. It's a wonderful magazine that will excite all you coloring enthusiast out there! Go get your copy on Etsy or Amazon. Links are provided on my Facebook Page or search for Color On Magazine. 

Happy Coloring!!!! 

Oh the places we've been

Nick and I have lived in many places and WAY too many to write (or draw). With summer making her debut I've decided to take a trip down memory lane and draw a few of my favorite ways we've lived a unique nomadic life. It hasn't always been easy, but it's always been an adventure! 

Happy Wandering! 


#1: Tootsie: Van living at it's finest. 1984 custom Volkswagen Westfalia. 

#2: Nick built us a custom camper in our off-roading Toyota Hiace. We toured around his homeland of New Zealand. By far my favorite adventure yet. 

#3: Though much more ordinary, we lived in an old house in Alameda, Ca. The house was full of several extremely creative people that inspired us to live the life that we love most. 

#4: SOoooooo.... we bought a travel trailer! With only the wind directing us we worked, played, and wandered around Ca, Or, Wa, Nv, Ut, Co, Nm. 

#5: As summer makes it's debut we are wondering how we will explore nature best this year. We decided that the upgrade from van living to a trailer was a bit too extreme. Our options are slowly popping up and ....well..... I guess we'll just have to sit back and wait to see what the future has in store for two wandering souls. 


A Painting 6 Years in The Making....

Oil on Canvas
In 2010 I was given four canvases that an artist was throwing away. Two of those four were completed within a few months. I started the third and hit a wall. I started the fourth and hit a wall. The two unfinished paintings were packed up and have traveled with me to eight different homes. Each move I would unpack the paintings, stare, and put them away.  I was absolutely intimidated. In 2015 I finished Love (pictured in album titled 'New Works') and I have now finally finished the fourth canvas, Rebirth. It was a difficult process because I wanted to keep the elements that I started 6 years ago, but my growth as an artist pushed me to 'make it better'. I tried to honor both voices and in the end I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude that I have been given this gift. Painting, for me, is so much more than expression. It calms, soothes, enlightens, energizes, and drives me. I learned a new form a patience with this painting and confirmed the saying 'Good things come to those who wait'. 


Crow and Bear paintings

'The Crow' oil on canvas

'The Crow' oil on canvas

I had a wonderful time painting these two pieces for The Crow and Bear Winery in Grants Pass, Oregon. Commission pieces are a challenge and an honor to do. Stop by The Crow and Bear Winery and find the hidden images in each painting.

'The Bear' oil on canvas

'The Bear' oil on canvas

'The Bay Imagined'

'The Bay Imagined'
My family has a long history with San Fransisco and I've been intrigued by the city ever since I first crossed over the old bay bridge.  This illustration started with a discarded piece of cardboard that was too beautiful to throw away. With my head in the clouds and my heart in the trees 'The Bay Imagined' was created. I hope you enjoy all the twists and turns. 


Coloring Party for "grown ups"

A group of Grants Pass, Oregon belly dancers decided to have a different type of Holiday Party....with coloring! I was honored to be apart of such a magical event. As my coloring book takes shape it's truly remarkable to watch as each colorist transforms the black and white illustrations. I can't wait to see these pages completed! Contact me at if you'd like to have a coloring party with your friends! 

Coloring and Wine Party a Success!

'The Gift of Color' 
Wine, Friends, and Coloring at 'The Crow and Bear Vineyard' 

Thank you to all that came out to The Crow and Bear for a night of coloring! It was a huge success as we had every inch of table space taken up. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty in which all of the colorist chose to bring each piece to life. It was incredible to watch these images transform in a new way. We had men and women 30-70 years of 'agelessness' coloring away into the late hours of the night. My favorite comment of the night came from Lee, "I actually enjoyed this. Since I flunked art in Kindergarten, that's saying a lot!" Thank you to The Crow and Bear Vineyard for providing such a warm welcoming space to us all. And now.....It's time for me to get this book into the hands of the right publisher! Wish me luck!
(To see more pictures of this event please go to the Facebook link)

Tiny Living

 I don't know about you, but everywhere I turn these days I see/hear/read something about Tiny Houses. After spending every cent of our hard earned money paying for rent in the Bay Area my husband, Nick, and I decided that Tiny living seemed like a perfect fit for us. Nick is an incredibly artistic general contractor and has aspirations of building for himself one day. What we need is a plot of land to begin our dream of building our very own tiny home.

For some, coming up with the money for such a dream is the dilemma. Nick and I are faced with a double whammy. One: Money Two:Location.


Money: I won't get into money because it always has a way of showing up and disappearing. Plus I'm a firm believer in manifesting what I need.....

Location: We are two gypsy souls that hate zip codes. Separately, Nick and I  have both moved more than the average person. Since marrying, three years ago, we have lived in 16 different homes, two different states, and two different countries.  As you can imagine deciding WHERE to find this plot of land has been our biggest challenge. Instead of settling we decided to buy a home on wheels! 

Our first stop: Washington

It has now been one month since we began our gypsy quest. It seems that my struggles with TIME, leases, and packing are behind me. I now have more TIME than I need and the world at my fingertips. Don't get me wrong, we have had to overcome many difficulties over this past month....the world doesn't make it easy to live a transient lifestyle. However, today I've finally stopped and breathed. Truly breathed. The sun is shining, I am surrounded by so many different shades of green, and I've begun dreaming. 

As I settle into Tiny Living I've had to learn to be patient with myself. Learning how to function in such a tight space with my husband, diligence in putting everything away in specific places, and letting go of  my own expectations with my art. My website, etsy shop, and artwork have all been hanging over me like a storm cloud waiting to burst. It's hard for me to ignore this cloud that follows me daily, but today I felt a few drops of rain. Perhaps it will rain soon and the beauty of tiny living is that my umbrella is always right next to me. 

Thank you for reading and I hope that you are having an inspirational day too. 



The start of an Adventure
The boxes were packed, our tiny apartment empty, and the urge to GO gurgled in my stomach. 
The wind began to blow in Alameda, Ca. It had a ferocity that I had never heard. 
It pushed through the streets and houses with speed and intensity. 
Trees groaned, and several fell, keeping most people inside.
That was probably the smart thing to do, stay inside.  
However, for me, the wind was a calling.
The push that I needed to leave the safety of our friends and family.
On a whim
(oh how I love whims)
I grabbed the keys to our Volkswagen Westfailia, Tootsie, and said goodbye to a place that I once called home.
The wind rattled the windows and shoved me out of my lane, but I continued.
I drove through brutal conditions throughout the night.
I was determined to leave the state of California and make my way to the safety of my parents home in Oregon.
It was a long drive and I had many hours to sit and dream. 
Inspiration pulled at my heart.
 The wind whispered visions of drawings soon to come.
It's quiet now, the Oregon air crisp and damp. 
Ill wait here until the wind begins again.....