A Painting 6 Years in The Making....

Oil on Canvas
In 2010 I was given four canvases that an artist was throwing away. Two of those four were completed within a few months. I started the third and hit a wall. I started the fourth and hit a wall. The two unfinished paintings were packed up and have traveled with me to eight different homes. Each move I would unpack the paintings, stare, and put them away.  I was absolutely intimidated. In 2015 I finished Love (pictured in album titled 'New Works') and I have now finally finished the fourth canvas, Rebirth. It was a difficult process because I wanted to keep the elements that I started 6 years ago, but my growth as an artist pushed me to 'make it better'. I tried to honor both voices and in the end I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude that I have been given this gift. Painting, for me, is so much more than expression. It calms, soothes, enlightens, energizes, and drives me. I learned a new form a patience with this painting and confirmed the saying 'Good things come to those who wait'.