Oh the places we've been

Nick and I have lived in many places and WAY too many to write (or draw). With summer making her debut I've decided to take a trip down memory lane and draw a few of my favorite ways we've lived a unique nomadic life. It hasn't always been easy, but it's always been an adventure! 

Happy Wandering! 


#1: Tootsie: Van living at it's finest. 1984 custom Volkswagen Westfalia. 

#2: Nick built us a custom camper in our off-roading Toyota Hiace. We toured around his homeland of New Zealand. By far my favorite adventure yet. 

#3: Though much more ordinary, we lived in an old house in Alameda, Ca. The house was full of several extremely creative people that inspired us to live the life that we love most. 

#4: SOoooooo.... we bought a travel trailer! With only the wind directing us we worked, played, and wandered around Ca, Or, Wa, Nv, Ut, Co, Nm. 

#5: As summer makes it's debut we are wondering how we will explore nature best this year. We decided that the upgrade from van living to a trailer was a bit too extreme. Our options are slowly popping up and ....well..... I guess we'll just have to sit back and wait to see what the future has in store for two wandering souls.