The start of an Adventure
The boxes were packed, our tiny apartment empty, and the urge to GO gurgled in my stomach. 
The wind began to blow in Alameda, Ca. It had a ferocity that I had never heard. 
It pushed through the streets and houses with speed and intensity. 
Trees groaned, and several fell, keeping most people inside.
That was probably the smart thing to do, stay inside.  
However, for me, the wind was a calling.
The push that I needed to leave the safety of our friends and family.
On a whim
(oh how I love whims)
I grabbed the keys to our Volkswagen Westfailia, Tootsie, and said goodbye to a place that I once called home.
The wind rattled the windows and shoved me out of my lane, but I continued.
I drove through brutal conditions throughout the night.
I was determined to leave the state of California and make my way to the safety of my parents home in Oregon.
It was a long drive and I had many hours to sit and dream. 
Inspiration pulled at my heart.
 The wind whispered visions of drawings soon to come.
It's quiet now, the Oregon air crisp and damp. 
Ill wait here until the wind begins again.....