Coloring and Wine Party a Success!

'The Gift of Color' 
Wine, Friends, and Coloring at 'The Crow and Bear Vineyard' 

Thank you to all that came out to The Crow and Bear for a night of coloring! It was a huge success as we had every inch of table space taken up. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty in which all of the colorist chose to bring each piece to life. It was incredible to watch these images transform in a new way. We had men and women 30-70 years of 'agelessness' coloring away into the late hours of the night. My favorite comment of the night came from Lee, "I actually enjoyed this. Since I flunked art in Kindergarten, that's saying a lot!" Thank you to The Crow and Bear Vineyard for providing such a warm welcoming space to us all. And now.....It's time for me to get this book into the hands of the right publisher! Wish me luck!
(To see more pictures of this event please go to the Facebook link)