TIME no. 25


For the past 6 months I have been trying to rid myself of the negative definition of TIME. Truthfully, it started to work. I began smiling more, enjoying watching TIME pass by. I didn't need anything to slow down or hurry up, I was simply content. 

So, as life often does.....It began to rain. And when it rains, it pours!! 

Life was tossing upside down curve balls at my husband, Nick, and me. Some days I didn't even want to get out of bed. However, my day to day was filled with the wondrous creative energies of children ages 1 year-12 years and art. I took each day as it came and marveled at how beautiful TIME really is.

Nick and I had been talking about taking  risks, changing the course and direction of our lives, and learning new things. We didn't know where we were to go, but we knew we were meant to go somewhere. We complied descriptions of all our past jobs, hobbies, attributes, and realized that we could do something.... different. 

So, we did. 

On a whim, we informed our landlords that we were beginning the process of vacating. We gave ourselves two months. Trusting that doors would open.....we stepped into our next adventure. 

 That night we found a position in Union, Wa that fit the bill. We applied.

The whim payed off. TIME no. 24 was created!!!!! 

 We were invited up to Union, WA to work, live, and explore. 

A crazy series of events have followed. Each happening so quickly that I haven't had TIME to recover. It's pouring down love from the Universe over here and It doesn't look like its going to clear up anytime soon! I'm filled with so much joy that I simply had to share, even if it's just my mom that reads this! :) 

So, today I write this in an empty apartment. Our possessions are down to the minimal amount, our bodies ache, and I am unbelievably tired. However, we are preparing to venture into the great unknown. And that is pretty cool. 
 TIME 2 Adventure!