"What kind of Art do you do?"

Um, good question. In response, 95% of the time, I begin a series of rambling noises that quickly unfolds into pure panic. If I can't describe my art then how will I be an artist worthy of this world, time, and society? Do I knock on the door to the art world and scream, 'I have no idea what I'm doing, but yet, I absolutely know what I'm doing.'  I have friends that are going through the same dilemma, in other professions,  perhaps its simply what one must go through in the empowering age of 31.  I have no more space on the walls of my little Alameda apartment that I share with my clutter accepting husband. The images that stare back at me are my past, which I adore, but  Bay Area living is small and I'm beginning to feel a bit crowded. Which brings me here, to this website, to this blog, to taking risks. I'm ready to share the stories of these beautiful images that grace my walls. Its time to answer the question 'What kind of art do you do?' And Ill answer it in the only way I know how, to allow the images to be the illustrations to the story that they each so beautifully portray. I am honored to be apart of the mystical life of an artist and I am grateful for this outlet to help me move forward.  I feel a great journey coming my way, and I know that I'm going to need more room on my walls.....or a bigger place.