My story is one with many ups, downs, twists, and turns, all of which are reflected in each piece that I create. My adventure as an artist began in 2003 while studying Theater at the University of Colorado. The images that graced my dreams at night became visible at all hours.  The intricate and undulating lines seemed to be growing by itself, bringing every inch of the images alive.

My artwork became my greatest teacher, opening up a new world around me. After college, in 2007, I spent my days with barefooted, creative, tough kids that taught me how to resist fear. It was through these children that I regained the strength to seek my true calling as an artist. Since then I have been on an amazing journey, with a pen in my hand at all times. 

My goal as an artist is to tell a story, one in which we are all involved, about life. I create pieces that are dramatic, bold, with subtleties that are hidden in the background. I often step back from the image and see words or faces that I consciously didn’t realize I was drawing. It is through these small discoveries that lessons, metaphors, and discussions are formed. I absolutely love to hear what others see or feel when looking at one of my creations. My hope is that each piece brings beauty and conversation to any space, for every story is worthy of being told.